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Canon Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

If you're shopping for a Canon printer or genuine Canon inkjet cartridges, there are a few top online stores to shop at. These are Tiger Direct, and You can often find discount sales and everyday low prices at those stores.

Instead of paying full price for Canon printer ink and laser toner, you can also shop online for cheap compatible Canon ink cartridges and toners. With a compatible inkjet cartridge or refilled toner from a discount online store like 4 Inkjets, CarrotInk, Ink Grabber and, the savings can be dramatic. Compare the quality of these printer supplies, and start saving a lot on Canon inkjet and toner cartridges.

Canon manufactures a useful range of consumer, office, production, and industrial products. Headquarter in New York, the company is a renowned leader in information systems and imaging equipment. It was ranked one of the top 100 brands by Business Week and as one of the most admired companies in America by Fortune magazine. Their far-reaching line of products, along with their digital solutions, equip both consumers and businesses throughout the world to capture, store, and distribute a host of information. From cameras, lenses, and camcorders to copiers, printers, facsimile machines, and flat bed scanners, Canon offers a variety of technology. They also make broadcast, encoders/optoelectrical components, and optical equipment.

Canon has created a complete line of copiers. Whether you need a desktop PC copier or a digital, high-speed, multi-functional system, Canon has a solution for you. Their offering of buble jet and laser fax machines provide advanced imaging and communications that enhance both the speed and efficiency of correspondence. Their multifunction products combine copy, print, fax, and/or scanning abilities in one convenient, space-saving unit.

Canon's impressive inventory of printers offer selections that suit every need, whether big or small. For the home or small office, they have photo inkjet printers, compact photo printers, and all-in-one inkjet printers. On a larger scale, they offer desktop laser beam printers, which provide the finest in document quality, dependability, and multi-platform network capability. Canon's laser beam technology has revolutionized printing standards, and it is this technology that is used in over 80% of laser printers throughout the world. The company's mid-production black and white printers can print at lightening fast speeds of up to 150 pages per minute. These printers offer superb document finishing capabilities and production level output. In addition to lasers and inkjets, Cannon retails high quality, large-format printers for printing color graphics. Finally, you can purchase a specialty printer especially designed to satisfy the special applications of your business.

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