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You can shop for Epson printers, inkjet cartridges, paper and other supplies directly at You can also buy genuine Epson printers and ink cartridge supplies at and

Many online stores also sell compatible replacement ink cartridges for Epson printers, with tremendous discounts off of the cost of OEM brand supplies. Some of these merchants with savings up to 80% off include CarrotInk, and 4 Inkjets. These huge discounts on inkjet cartridge replacements can really add up, so you are able to use your printer much more without worrying abouts the cost of the inks.

Although Epson is best known for its manufacture of printers, the company was actually born over one hundred years ago with the mission of revolutionizing technology in the field of watch making. In fact, Epson invented the world's first quartz watch. Today, Epson continues its fine tradition of developing smaller, more precise products. The company strives to provide the latest innovations in imaging solutions on paper, screen, and glass. Epson America, which was founded in 1975, is the foremost supplier of point-of-sale printers. The company's product line includes printers, scanners, multimedia projectors, digital photography technology, home entertainment systems, professional imaging equipment, software, paper, media, ink cartridges, and supplies and accessories.

Epson's affordable ink jet printers come in color and monochrome varieties and can be used for printing any of a wide variety of documents. Their selection of all-in-one's are ideal for use in the home, home office, or small business. All-in-ones combine fax, copying, printing, and scanning capabilities in a single machine. They are available as both ink jets and lasers. Epson also makes PictureMate, one of the best-selling dedicated 4X6 photo printers on the market. They retail wide format printers for professional imaging as well. Epson's laser printers can quickly produce high-quality text and images in color or black and white.

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