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HP Printer Ink Cartridge - Hewlett Packard Printers

When you want deals on HP printers and all-in-one machines, or want to buy genuine HP ink cartridges and laser toner, shop directly at HP Home and Home Office or HP Small Business. For deep discounts with replacement Hewlett Packard laser toner and compatible inkjet cartridges shop at discounters like Carrot Ink, 123 Inkjets and 4Inkjets. These merchants offer premium quality inks, as well as related supplies like photo paper and laser toner, yet do it at very cheap discount prices. By selling compatible HP ink cartridges, they can have a much cheaper price than the original equipment manufacturer (Hewlett Packard) charges.

Hewlett Packard, best known by its abbreviation HP, was the brainchild of two Stanford University graduates. It originated in a garage outside Palo Alto and became a formal partnership in 1939. Today, HP is one of the leading suppliers of home and home office technology, and it is renowned throughout the world for its personal computers, printers, network management software, and high-end servers. In 2006, HP's revenues earned it the position of the world's largest information technology corporation, and the same year it ranked first in worldwide personal computer shipments.

They retail everything from notebooks, desktops, scanners, and monitors to printers, televisions, digital cameras, and entertainment centers. HP also sells mobile devices such as iPAQ handhelds and calculators. HP's diverse line of printers include OfficeJet, PhotoSmart, LaserJet, DeskJet, and Business InkJet. Also available are HP fax machines, which provide high-quality, versatile faxes accompanied by phones for business and personal communication. HP faxes can send up to three pages a second, automatically feed documents, and block junk mail.

HP's OfficeJets and LaserJets can be found in stand-alone and all-in-one varieties (so that the printer is combined with fax and copying and/or scanning capabilities). OfficeJets are more economical, but LaserJets are optimal for high volume, high resolution printing. Both come in standard and wide format models. For everyday text and photo printing, HP makes DeskJets. Business InkJets are suitable for home offices and allow businessmen and women to bring marketing collateral in-house and easily manage printing costs. PhotoSmart printers produce stunning photos and contain memory card slots for direct photo printing without a PC. Many models even contain displays for quickly viewing your photos before you print them. PhotoSmart printers are available in standard, portable, and wide-format varieties.

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