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This site provides coupons and promotion codes to help you get cheap inkjet and laser toner cartridges from online stores. We also provide information to help you learn about the different types of ink cartridges, how to select the right type of printer for your needs, how to fix problems with your printer, etc.

Seven Tips for Saving Ink - By conserving ink, you can save hundreds of dollars over a lifetime. There are lots of ways to reduce your usage of ink. Use economy mode when printing drafts or documents that do not need to be presentation ready. Print only the portion of documents you need. When your ink is running low, swish the cartridge back and forth gently from side to side and reinstall. Don't turn your printer on and off too often, and never turn your printer off in mid-cycle. Use the black-only mode for black and white documents when you have a colored printer and consider purchasing or downloading ink saver software. With these ideas and all the details in the full article, you won't be throwing away money on wasted ink.

Generic and Remanufactured Cartridges - What's the difference between a generic and a remanufactured cartridge, and how do they save you money? A generic cartridge is like any other generic product—it doesn't bear a name brand, but it serves the same purpose as the name brand product. Consequently, quality can be varied. You save because you are not paying for a brand name. Generics are manufactured from all new parts to be compatible with popular name brand printers, copiers, and fax machines, such as HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Epson, and Canon. Remanufactured cartridges, on the other hand, use the original manufacturers' cartridges and refill them with new ink. This helps conserve both money and the environment. Read this article to learn all about them.

What Type of Printer Should I Buy? - When shopping for a printer, it can be difficult to choose the best one between inkjet, laser, thermal and other varieties. However, these technologies are very different, and depending on how much you print and what you print, it is likely that one of these types will fit your needs much better than the rest. Read the full article to help in your decision.

Troubleshooting Inkjet Printers - If you run into problems with your ink printer, read this troubleshooting guide for ideas on how to fix it. Perhaps it is printing poorly, colors are not showing up, there are streaks in the output, or some other problem. In any case, read here for some tips and suggestions that may help correct the issue.

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